Patrick Hrabos

Software engineer passionate about the process of coding, from planning to deployment and learning along the way.




Nutrizone helps users track their daily caloric intake based on their preferred diet type. Built remotely with a team of four people over a four-day sprint using vanilla JavaScript. I coded the modals, the food log page and the feature to add a custom food to the data saved in local storage.

Taurus Trading

taurus trading

Taurus Trading is a mock portfolio and stock market research app that implements a live social media feed to gauge market sentiment. Built remotely with a team of four people over a four-day sprint. I coded the full-stack social media feature in addition to the functions and rendering of the trending stocks feature.

Shame B0t

shame bot

A Discord bot designed to increase productivity by restricting access to chat channels for a user-specified time limit. Built remotely with a team of four people over a four-day sprint. My contributions to the project were coding the countdown timer commands and logic, the exit command, and functions to change the user's nickname.

Socket Jockey

socket jockey

Collaboratively composing music with physics and the collision of time and space. Users can choose a solo or collaborative room where they drag and drop sonically charged shapes and control the sounds by adjusting the physics engine.
This projecet was completed as a team of eight people working remotely over a two-week sprint. My contributions were setting up the server, pair-programming the chat feature using to synchronize state on all related clients, pair-programmig the control panel state management, and pair-programming the logic for state managment on the server.



I have a background in raising capital as a skilled and accomplished accountant where I gained valuable business experience and teamwork skills by solving the daily challenges of growth that start-up companies often face. I have a well-rounded approach to solving big problems by diligently breaking them down into small, manageable pieces.

When I am not coding I like to run long distances, observe nature, travel, and sip the best loose-leaf teas I can find. I am on a never-ending quest to learn everything.

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